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The Music School came into being in 1992. Since then, we have taught thousands of people.

From the outset, we decided that staff at The Music School would be committed to making music lessons fun! This is a simple idea for success. If students are having fun, they will want to practice, and practice is the only short-cut to becoming a good musician quickly.

Secondly, the idea was to create a purpose built environment for the teaching of music. In many instances, music tuition in Melbourne occurs as an afterthought to establishing a music retail business. This is not the best way for music to be taught and it also creates a conflict of interest between teaching and selling.

For The Music School it was paramount that it was a stand alone entity. We decided that all we were going to do is teach – this is what we’re good at, we would not try and sell our students instruments, amplifiers, accessories and the like. However, we can assist students and parents to make educated choices, get the best deals and source the most suitable instruments for their needs.

Lessons are always on a one-to-one basis: one teacher focusing efforts entirely on one student. Without doubt, this is the most productive manner for teaching music and hence achieves results in the shortest time.

Furthermore, unlike many activities that people can do on their own – jogging, painting, watching television and the like, music is meant to be shared with others, such as an audience or fellow musicians. To this end we encourage our students to partake in our concerts. There is at least one concert every year that we prepare students for, and sometimes two. Students can perform on their own, with their teacher or in a group.

We can prepare students for examinations and have consistently achieved excellent results. However, we do not force any of our students to participate in exams unless they have a desire to do so. Many students pursue music for the sheer enjoyment, pleasure and relief of external stress. We would not wish to ad more stress to their lives by pushing them into exams.

Finally, our advice for those seeking a short cut to musical excellence…… here’s the secret: it is called practice!